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About Gerry


Gerry likes playing the bass because there are only four strings and he only has to play one note at a time––––– he likes that a lot!  Gerry wasn’t always a bass player. His first instrument was the piano. He started piano lessons at nine years old, but after discovering the Beatles the next year, switched to the guitar.  Upon further examination of the Beatles music, Gerry decided to play the bass because of Paul McCartney’s melodic bass lines. To quote another one of his favorite bass players, Gordon Sumner (aka) Sting,   "Paul is the Guv’ner, mate!"


Gerry played electric bass in jazz and rock bands throughout his high school years eventually discovering the double bass when he was sixteen years old. This is when his jazz education began. His early influences were Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Scot La Faro and Eddie Gomez. 


Gerry holds a  BM in Jazz Studies and a MM in Double Bass performance from California State University Sacramento.  He has also had the honor of receiving two critic’s choice Sammie awards for best Sacramento Bassist.


Gerry is also very interested in physical fitness and is a NASM certified personal trainer. 


Along with his private teaching studio, Gerry also teaches at University of the Pacific and California State University Sacramento. His jazz career includes performances with notable jazz artists: Nick Fryer, Joe Gilman, Eddie Harris, Brian Kendrick, Patrick Langham, Geof Keezer, Joe Mazzaferro, TIm Reis, Simon Rowe, Greg Tardy and Ernie Watts.

Gerry's rock and pop performances include sharing the bandstand with: The Tatooed Love Dogs, Johnny Favorite, Love Marines, Neo Geo, and Mindx.  


Gerry’s favorite quote: “Music is the best!”  Frank Zappa.


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