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Drawing on wood panel by Phil Ralston: strayhorn/ellington tandem


Did you play in Jazz band when you were in middle school or high school? Remember how much fun that was? Well now you can enroll in this workshop and play jazz with other musicians like you. This workshop is designed for non-professional musicians with beginning to intermediate skill levels. Each session is 90 minutes, meeting once a week for ten weeks. Participants get to play jazz with a professional rhythm section (bass and drums), study music theory, jazz improvisation techniques and play in jazz concert at the end of the term. All instruments are welcome! Even if you are a bass player or drummer, you will still get to play! Our rhythm section will be there for guidance and moral support.  Fees: $300 payable the first day, or click on paypal buy now button below. 

  • When: Tuesday nights 7:30-9:00 pm. 10 week sessions are ongoing. 

  • Where: Golden Lion Arts 2733 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, Ca. 95818. 



Our Drum Clinician is Jack Stanfill.

Since 1959, Jack has enjoyed numerous and varied experiences playing drums with piano trios, military organizations, symphonic music, Las Vegas lounge acts, big bands as well as bands that play country-western, traditional jazz, popular, swing, dance, rock and roll, free jazz, and Broadway music.

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